Warsaw Eagles

2002-2005: defensive end, offensive guard. Played offensive guard in Czech Republic Indoor International Championships, Prague, December 2005.

1.KFA Fireballs Wielkopolska

2004-2010: head coach, defensive end, offensive tackle.

Team Poland vs. Pardubice Stallions (2:12)

11. November 2005: offensive guard and defensive end.

The Crew Wrocław

Season 2006: defensive end and ofensive guard in Czech League of American Football, Div II.
Season 2010: PLFA1, defensive co-ordinator and linebackers coach.
Season 2011: PLFA1, head coach, Polish Bowl champion (perfect season), ranked 21. in Europe (according to Europlayers).

Devils Wrocław

Season 2009: EFAF Challenge Cup (Reggio Emilia Hoggs and Kragujevac Wild Boars) and PLFA1: defensive line coach and defensive tackle under HC Dimos Spiropoulos, defensive co-ordinator under HC Jason Blasko.

Giants Wrocław

Season 2012: EFAF Cup (Søllerød Gold Diggers and Prague Black Hawks) and Czech League of American Football, Div I: head coach.

European Challenge Team

1. September 2012: Defensive Co-Ordinator and Defensive Line Coach under the HC Kirk Heidelberg

Kozły Poznań

Season 2013: TopLiga, head coach and defensive co-ordinator.

Warsaw Eagles

Season 2013: TopLiga, defensive co-ordinator under the HC Dale Heffron.
Seasons 2014-15: TopLiga, head coach and defensive co-ordinator.

Head Coaching Record (Overall, July 2015)

Games Won: 52
Games Lost: 38
Win-Loss Percentage: .578

Players, Coaches, Opponents

Aki Jones:

defensive tackle, The Crew (2010-2011), played for Washington Redskins and Fordham Rams

Washington Redskins

Deante Battle:

defensive back, The Crew (2011), played for Northwestern Wildcats


Mark Philmore:

wide receiver, quarterback, The Crew (2010-2011), European Challenge Team (2012), played for Chicago Bears and Northwestern Wildcats;


Demetrius Meech Eaton:

linebacker, The Crew (2010), European Challenge Team (2012), played for Chicago Bears and Northwestern Wildcats;


Justin Waltz:

quarterback, The Crew (2011), played for Western New England University Golden Bears;

Golden Bears

Babatunde Aiyegbusi:

offensive tackle, The Crew (2010-2011), Giants Wrocław (2012), European Challenge Team (2012), Warsaw Eagles (2015), played for Minnesota Vikings (2015);

Minnesota Vikings

Jacek Szuszkiewicz:

offensive co-ordinator, The Crew (2010-2011), Giants Wrocław (2012);

Charles M. McRea:

strong safety European Challenge Team (2012), strong safety and running back, Warsaw Eagles (2015), played for NY Jets and Mississippi State;


Kirk Heidelberg:

head coach and offensive co-Ordinator, European Challenge Team (2012)

Dimos Spiropoulos:

head coach Valerenga Trolls, Bienna Jets, Devils Wrocław (2009, 2011), offensive co-ordinator Hanau Hornets and Roma Gladiatori.

Jason Blasko:

head coach Devils Wrocław (2009), The Crew Wrocław (2010).

Roman Picheta:

London Blitz, Warsaw Eagles, Warsaw Spartans.

Stan Bedwell:

quarterback and offensive co-ordinator, Giants Wrocław (2012). Offensive co-ordinator Northland Pioneers

Willie Sheird:

quarterback and offensive co-ordinator, 1.KFA Fireballs Wielkopolska (2010)

Mott Gaymon IV:

safety and defensive co-ordinator, Giants Wrocław (2012). Defensive Back Coach Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Sebastien Sejean:

free safety European Challenge Team (2012), played for St. Louis Rams


Bartosz Kalejta:

defensive end, The Crew (2010), European Challenge Team (2012), played for Kristiansand Gladiators and Husaria Szczecin;

Ivan Pavlovic:

wide receiver, cornerback, European Challenge Team (2012), Kozły Poznań (2013);

Maciej Nagodziński:

defensive tackle, European Challenge Team (2012), Kozły Poznań (2013);

Blake Wayne:

quarterback, offensive co-ordinator, Warsaw Eagles (2014), played for Fordham Rams;


Nathan McCage:

offensive tackle, Warsaw Eagles (2014), OL and strength and conditioning coach coach, Warsaw Eagles (2015), played for University of Texas at El Paso Miners;


Clarence Anderson:

defensive back, US Challenge Team (2012), defensive back and wide receiver, Warsaw Eagles (2014), played for Ottawa University Braves and Wichita Force;

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