Quotes of the week

We approached the case, you remember, with an absolutely blank mind, which is always an advantage. We had formed no theories. We were simply there to observe and to draw inferences from our observations.

Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by (...) me.

Bricktop [Alan Ford], The Snatch

Probability is like gravity: you cannot negotiate with gravity.

Sonny Crocket [Colin Farrell], Miami Vice

Exact science, Mr. Angier, is not an exact science .

Nicola Tesla [David Bowie], The Prestige

Those English teams who fear losing home-grown talent will just have to face up to facts and understand that the free market is about supply and demand, and anyone can go anywhere to ply their trade.

Jeremy Guscott, Former Bath, England & Lions centre


I'm a banker. I have no imagination.

Max Skinner [Russell Crowe], A Good Year

Social scientists are not universally liked or appreciated, but we are still more acceptable than alcoholics and escaped lunatics (p. 145).

Kate Fox (2004), Watching the English. The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour, Hodder: London

Physics applies to everyone.

Ato Boldon

Are we gonna gamble? No,suckers gamble. We're gonna analyse statistics with proven scientific principles and make wagers based on the result of data.

Charles F. Harper [Charlie Sheen, 'Mr. McGlue's Feedbag']