In Memoriam

Wacław Wilczyński, 1923-2008

Economist, my tutor and mentor.

Jeffrey John Hanneman, 1964-2013

Saw him live in Dresden, Autumn 2005. Jeff was a devoted fan of the Oakland Raiders.

Aki Jones, 1982-2014

One of the most inteligent people I've ever met. Also a great football player.

Jonah Lomu, 1975-2015

Greatest rugby player of all times.

Ian Fraser Kilmister, 1945-2015

Lemmy. The one who liked to gamble, and didn't share your greed. The only card he needed was the ace of spades. Saw him live in Stuttgart, December 2003, alongside Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell. Proudly lost my hearing for two days.

David Bowie, 1947-

Bowie lives.

Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016

Punching artist.

Jan Winiecki, 1938-2016

Economist. Reviewer of my PhD thesis.

Roger Moore, 1927-2017

The Saint.

Bartosz Zalejski, 1985-2018

Zalej. Defensive tackle, The Crew Wroclaw. BSNT.

Władysław Balicki, 1941-2019

Macroeconomist. Methodologist. Runner. Cyclist. Reviewer of my M.A. thesis. Grew up in Międzychód.